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We love a lush green and healthy lawn just as much as you do. The beautiful spring, summer, and fall weather makes for great outdoor barbeques and parties, while your backyard is a convenient place to play sports with your kids. And what’s the only thing that can ruin this experience for you, your family and guests, or your pets? Fleas and ticks! The mild winters we experience here in Atlanta contribute to a great tick activity during the warmer months. Ticks will rest on the tips of grasses and shrubs until they find a host to latch on and bite.

Are Ticks and Fleas Dangerous?

Fleas and ticks in the yard can make everyone’s life miserable as their bites are painful and itchy. But these pests can be more than only a nuisance. They can be dangerous to people and animals because they directly transmit a number of diseases, including tapeworms, dermatitis, anemia, and Lyme disease. There are 300,000 cases of Lyme disease reported each year in the US, with 40% of Lyme patients ending up with long-term health issues. In addition, flea bites can cause typhus, as well as the cat scratch disease that fleas transfer to cats and later, cats transfer to humans.

Photo: Tick found on a dog’s ear


Tick Control Treatments Necessary?

If you have a tick and flea infestation in your yard, let Guaranteed Green help you get it taken care of quickly and effectively. You definitely do not want your kids or pets to unintentionally bring these pests into your house. If ticks or fleas have already been found on your property, it’s best to treat the entire yard to eliminate the infestation and then, follow up with our treatment schedule to prevent them from coming back.

Regular tick and flea control treatments are important to avoid any pest problems in the future. Gaps in coverage will only give them a chance to return to your property. Since these pesky pests are constantly searching for new victims, they will choose any animal or human to feed on.

Additionally, wild animals like raccoons or squirrels infested with ticks or fleas can shake these unwanted pests off right onto your lawn when they are visiting your home.

A lawn care company that provides flea and tick control services for lawns is a valuable ally in your fight against outdoor pests. This is because the applications address the larger areas outside on your property where people and pets tend to spend plenty of time.

We apply pest control products directly to the lawn in order to target fleas and ticks that have made their way onto your property. By treating the yard, the goal is to keep these pests from being tracked into your home.

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Why Choose Guaranteed Green?

We know that you would opt for the best possible protection for something as serious as disease-carrying pests. This is why our fully licensed, skilled, and trained technicians work with only highly-effective, professional-grade products. We use a liquid product that is a superior choice for targeting ticks and fleas in the areas where they are commonly found. At Guaranteed Green, we offer an efficient lawn treatment service to kill ticks and fleas at their source. Because we care deeply about everyone’s safety, you can be sure that our lawn care treatments are totally safe for humans and their furry friends.

What’s more, availing of our lawn care services, you are not obliged to sign a contract with us and you may cancel at any time by giving us a brief notice before your next scheduled treatment.

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