Best Ways To Prevent Mosquitoes In Your Lawn


If you’re dealing with too many mosquitoes in your lawn, then you’ll probably want to know the best ways to get rid of and prevent them. After all, you know that mosquitoes are not only pesky creatures, but they can cause more problems than just itchy bites. They are potentially dangerous as they transmit dangerous viruses and diseases. The last thing you want to do is put yourself and your family at risk by applying mosquito control methods that don’t work.


Keep reading for some helpful information on mosquito living and breeding habits, and tips on effective solutions that homeowners use to keep mosquitoes away from their lawns.


Do Mosquitoes Breed And Live In The Grass?

Mosquitoes love to live in places close to the ground and with plenty of shade, such as tall grasses, thick weeds, the underside of plant leaves, or brush. Locations that are dark, cool, and damp are the easiest and most obvious places for them to bury and build a nest. Therefore, they will nest and breed in lawns, overgrown shrubs, flower beds, and more.

Mosquitoes need moisture to lay eggs and for the larvae to hatch and mature successfully. Wet grass and plants, mulch, and soil in your lawn can retain enough moisture to attract these insects. Once they identify a site that’s moist enough to lay their eggs, they will start to nest there and bring more of their friends. Their eggs dry out and then hatch when a given spot becomes temporarily wet with rain or filled with water. You may recognize the hatched mosquito larvae as they look like tiny hairy worms with a hard, round head and a soft body.

Note that the eggs can survive dry conditions for up to several months while waiting for the perfect conditions to hatch in the water.



How Can You Prevent Mosquitoes In Lawn?

Mosquitoes tend to multiply rapidly and are difficult to eradicate once they have taken over your lawn. Therefore, it’s best to deal with a mosquito problem by tackling it at its source, that is, their breeding.

While Guaranteed Green provides solutions that are effective in reducing the mosquito population, there are many ways you can do yourself to prevent mosquitoes from breeding in your lawn.

The following tips will show you how to reduce mosquito numbers on your property:


Keep Your Lawn Tidy

As mosquitoes like to congregate in cool spots in the shade, especially on a hot sunny day, it’s important to mow the lawn, prune hedges, and trim bushes to reduce shaded places on your property. By minimizing any tall grasses, overgrown brush, or tree limbs that can potentially provide shelter for mosquitoes, you make the habitat much less appealing to these insects.

When you let more sun in, it will also help dry up any damp spots. If your lawn has an uneven surface and dips collecting rainwater, fill them with topsoil and plant grass seed.

Get rid of any debris, grass clippings, thick vegetation, sticks, raked leaves, or compost piles that are lying around your yard as they will encourage mosquitoes to take refuge. These places can easily become a perfect shelter for mosquitoes from the wind, because they do not tolerate the wind and want to avoid the threat. Cleaning up any waste from your yard will not only help to minimize the number of mosquitoes, but your lawn will look more beautiful and tidy!


Mow Your Lawn To Help Reduce Mosquitoes

As mentioned above, tall grass and vegetation attract mosquitoes. These pests just love to hide and rest in tall grass as it provides them a great cover from the hot sun and protection from the wind that might blow them away.

So it is very important to mow regularly and thoroughly to reduce the mosquito population and avoid infestation. When you neglect cutting your grass, you’re giving mosquitoes a great place to hang around and breed.



Dethatch The Lawn To Prevent Mosquitoes

Dethatching can be a great treatment for mosquitoes as it primarily removes possible humid breeding sites for these pests. Besides, dethatching improves the drainage of the soil, which not only helps prevent mosquitoes but also fungal growth in the grass.

If you notice that the thatch layer on your lawn is more than half an inch thick, you’ll need to dethatch. To pull up the thatch you may use a dethatcher or a rake. Before you start dethatching, make sure you wait until your lawn can be mowed, and then cut the grass to half the size of its normal height. It can be difficult to mulch everything out if you mow it too close.


Spray Your Lawn For Mosquitoes

A professional mosquito yard spray treatment is by far the most effective way to keep mosquitoes away from your lawn. It needs to be applied to any mosquito habitats, such as ornamental grasses, shrubs, trees, flower beds, under decks, and around patios. The best time to spray to kill mosquitoes is at dusk, this is when they are most active in searching for food.

Guaranteed Green highly recommends to re-treat the yard every month for best results in permanent mosquito elimination.


Tired of those pesky insects taking over your yard?

As mosquito control home remedies methods are mostly ineffective, you should hire a company that uses only effective products and employs licensed and well-trained technicians who know exactly how and where to apply them. First, our technicians will identify potential mosquito breeding sites and inspect the entire yard for active larvae populations. They will then treat your lawn with a high-quality spray, which establishes a barrier, making your yard becomes a no-bite zone for mosquitoes.

Thus, when you invest in professional mosquito control from Guaranteed Green in Atlanta, you will have peace of mind that your property is being protected all year round. Contact us today to find out more about our mosquito spraying service or to request a free estimate.

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